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Custom Lego Compatible Cyclops Minifig

Custom Lego Compatible Cyclops Minifig

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Get ready to add some mutant mayhem to your Lego creations with our custom Cyclops Minifig! Complete with laser eyes, this X-Men inspired figure will add a whole new level of cool to your collection. Perfect for unleashing your inner superhero (or villain) on the Lego world. Bam! Pow! Ka-Pow!

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Lego Compatible Minifig


For kids of all ages – Appeal to any kid or fan aged 5+ who loves Minifig characters

A fun addition to any collection

These limited-edition minifigures and accessories can be given as an unexpected gift any time


Building Elements

Age: 5 years & up


3.74" H X 5.906" W X 0.256" D

Wipe clean


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