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Marvel: Age of Heroes

Marvel: Age of Heroes

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Marvel: Age of Heroes is an epic strategy game in which each player commands a duo of X-Men who are dispatched to defeat villains and complete objectives. Your team will collect resources and power-ups before embarking on dangerous missions in a variety of unique and challenging scenarios.
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2-5 playeres
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

36 Acrylic Hero Pawns
1 Game Board
8 Mission Tiles
34 Villain Tiles
86 Institute Cards
60 Evolution Cards
2 Extraction Zone Tiles
6 Player Boards
1 Round Marker
6 Score Tokens
15 Villain Tokens
1 Magneto’s Influence Token
4 Horsemen Effects Tokens
30 Resource Tokens
10 Victory Point Tokens
5 Score Markers
15 Resource Markers
75 Player Markers
20 Student Pawns
1 Rulebook


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