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MTG - Dominaria United Jumpstart Pack

MTG - Dominaria United Jumpstart Pack

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Discover the power of Magic the Gathering with our Dominaria United Jumpstart Pack! Get ready to boost your card collection with cosmic force, as you explore the rich story line and iconic characters of Dominaria! So what are you waiting for? Join us on a thrilling adventure and conquer the Dominaria United Jumpstart Pack today!

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This pack contains 2 Jumpstart Boosters—shuffle them together for a 40-card deck (lands included) and challenge a friend to a fun, unique gameplay experience. Each Jumpstart Booster contains 20 Magic cards revolving around a certain theme. In every pack, you’ll find 2 Rare cards, 1 of which may be a Mythic Rare, and 2 Land cards that are Traditional Foil. If you’re looking to maximize your mash-up, The Jumpstart Boosters are compatible with all other Jumpstart products.


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